Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Onwards and upwards !

This is the 4,191st and last post on Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI), it started eight years ago on March 31st 2006 and has now evolved into the clubgowi website and newsletter service. The blog has been largely redundant for some time, but I have posted a little more frequently this last month , which has reminded me how much I loved it and I am more than a little sad at it's passing.

Those 4,191 posts have covered thousands of betting previews, which have made readers and there have been a LOT of loyal followers (well over one million hits), a great deal of money, I will detail the free to view  results shortly.

You can still see read free to view GOWI previews, but only on the clubgowi website, they are definitely worth looking out for, but remember, they are only a sample of the full service, 8% of clubgowi output is FTV and with that sample size, will be subject to major variance. You will never get to see the other 92% or our strongest information. The FTV results below make incredible reading, but it is the newsletter which makes the money and it has the volume to ensure those profits are BIG long term, take a look.

Anyway, this is turning into more of a sales pitch than the goodbye it was meant to be, so farewell, thank you for the support and see you over at clubgowi.com !

 clubgowi free to view results 2006-2014

2006  stakes    991.5   returns  1154.81  ROI  + 16.46%
2007  stakes 1,187.5   returns  1331.68  ROI  + 12.14%
2008  stakes   482.5    returns  664.68   ROI   + 37.37 %
2009  stakes    548.5   returns   642.43   ROI  + 17.12%

2010  stakes   225.13  returns  259.59   ROI   + 15.30 %
2011  stakes  162.25   returns   171.02  ROI   +  5.41%
2012  stakes  267.75  returns  304.88  ROI     +16.93%
2013  stakes  137.8   returns   169.16  ROI   +22.76%
2014  stakes  49.25   returns     65.38  ROI   +32.75%

Total : Stakes 4052.18  returns 4763.62   ROI  + 17.56% 

They are amazing results, but I want to leave you with something special and it is the best single piece of betting advice I have ever given and I honestly believe that. You can read the first part here and the second on this link.

Good Luck.