Friday, March 31, 2006

Quick on the draw

We are now entering the "draw season" in Italy.

Matches which would normally be priced circa 3.25 to end all square, are quoted at 2.10 on thursday and are usually removed from all lists by saturday afternoon.
Many people consider these matches "fixed", maybe they are, the truth is that the draw result always suits BOTH teams. Look for fixtures where a draw will keep both teams clear of the relegation zone, or in uefa/promotion contention.

Sunday's (April 2) Reggina-Siena fixture fulfills the criteria, removed from many bookmakers lists already, the 2.80 available online earlier in the week, has been replaced by quotes as low as 1.90.
These matches normally end all square, last year seven of eight such matches obliged.

Conspiracy theorists would note that the Siena coach previously held the same post at Reggina and more importantly, both coaches and many of the players involved are registered with the same agent, GEA World. Teams connected with the agency are known for "helping" each other out.

If you are quick, 2.25 is still available with Blue Square and a little higher on the exchanges, around 2.30 with Betfair and Redbet. Suggested stake is 6 points, selections will normally be for between 1-10 points, multiple bet selections could be for smaller units.

An easy life ........

I am a professional gambler.

Usually get up at noon, read the sporting press over my coffee, log on to the internet, place my bets and... well that's it really, my work is done and it is still too early for lunch.
Now comes the hard part, how to fill the rest of the day until the race/ match/ tournament finishes and I can calculate my winnings.....sunbathe, gym or pub....too many decisions.

Unfortunately it is not quite like that, more like a 12-15 hour quest, 7 days a week to find the next winner. Information is key and I am looking for an edge, to know something that the odds compilers did not, when they set their prices.
This is not an exact science, it is impossible to be right all the time, the idea is to get value, learn from your mistakes and make long term profits.

I hope to be able to give you an insight into the life of a pro gambler, some advice, a few betting tips along the way, maybe you will decide it is the life for you, maybe you will realise that 9-5 ain't so bad after all.
It is not for everyone, everyday is an emotional rollercoaster, you need to be mentally strong to suffer the highs and lows, but is it fun ? Hell yes !