Saturday, November 20, 2010


I sent all my notes today (some 1800 words) to many readers of the blog and for those that have already ploughed through it and written to advise me accordingly, yes, I know that Swindon play at the County Ground ! Do not know what I was thinking and it should be burned into my memory as it was at the County Ground that I was punched for the first and only time (touch wood) inside a football stadium .............. aah happy days !

These are not selections, more thinking out loud, but following on from the stats below, which were written more as an aid for those of you who like betting "in running". The following half time quotes did stand out a little....

Frankfurt -0.25 2.33

Schalke - Bremen "over" 1.25 goals 2.17

Hannover level ball 2.20

Motherwell -0.25 2.21

fun to follow these, but purely "paper trading" for me atm.

Good Luck.

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