Saturday, April 05, 2008


I previewed five matches on the email service overnight and will probably post 2-3 of them on here through the day, so please check back later.

More than a week ago I mentioned a very big bet that has been on my mind for sometime, I was just waiting for certain confirmation of form, sorry to be vague, but I do not want to give too much away at this stage. Suffice to say, that this is the most excited I have felt about a single bet, since 2001, will not say confident, as it is a very big price, but everything "feels" perfect and I want as many of you to receive the information as possible.

I will be sending it to subscribers on either Sunday or Monday and to everyone in my database, the following day, on Wednesday or Thursday, it will be on the blog, but will not stand out from any other bet. However, if any of you register on the site before midnight on Wednesday, there is no cost or obligation, then you will be sent the preview in full. I simply do not want to post all my reasoning on an open forum.

Back shortly.

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