Thursday, April 24, 2008


Very exciting , aggressive day's play, with more action than a Stallone film festival, at the end of which, we were down to just 17 players, play ended when Scott Epstein and Mark Newhouse, were eliminated at the same time, on different tables, which is why we have one empty seat.

Amir Vahedi is our new leader, we lost two previous champions fairly early and consecutively, with 2004 victor Martin de Knijff out in 39th, after being crippled by David Tran and he was followed by last year's winner Carlos Mortensen, in 38th position.

David Grey who's battling qualities we discussed yesterday, was very unlucky to go out in 22nd spot, when his aces failed to hold up against Tom Dwan's pair of nines. Durrr (pictured) is very handily placed and has a fantastic chance of going all the way, but this is really going to take some winning.

Everyone remaining is guaranteed $105k, but nobody will be happy with that, having come this far, especially with a top prize of $3.389m .Play will continue today until we are down to just six players, currently the blinds are set at 15k-30k, with a 4k ante, tomorrow is a rest day, with the warriors still standing, returning on Saturday to decide the new champion.

Chip counts and table position.........


1. Kenny Tran - 1,442,000
2. Amir Vahedi - 3,907,000
3. Bryan Devonshire - 984,000
4. Jeff King - 1,903,000
5. Tommy Le - 1,950,000
6. Cory Carroll - 1,346,000
7. John Roveto - 556,000
8. Jeff Shulman - 473,000
9. Empty


1. Karga Holt - 1,500,000
2. David Chiu - 1,742,000
3. Tom "Durrrr" Dwan - 2,874,000
4. Andrew Black - 411,000
5. Gus Hansen - 2,929,000
6. David Tran - 2,543,000
7. Nick Binger - 701,000
8. Robert Mizrachi - 1,079,000
9. Michael Gracz - 1,674,000

Good Luck.

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