Monday, December 07, 2009

MONDAY ................

Although you only have my word for this, unless you are a subscriber to the email service, both bets won yesterday at very rewarding odds of 2.04 and 2.20, actually, each drifted a little pre kick off, so were available at even bigger quotes.

That was my tenth winning week from the last twelve, during which I have given 154 selections, with 87 of them winning, a 56.49% strike rate, which produced almost 142 points profit, with a ROI of circa 13%. Nearly all suggested bets are on the asian market, so quotes are widely available, unlike similar services which put up prices only on offer with one company and which have almost certainly long since gone ,so these are really excellent returns and as good as you will find anywhere on the internet.

Results have been very solid for 26 months on the subscription service (724 pts profit) and for closing in on four years here on the blog. However, all good things have to come to an end sometime and I will not be producing the daily newsletter/email after the end of this month. I have written some 1.4 million words of original content over the last couple of years, which equates to some 13-15 full length novels, that is a bit of a grind for even the most prolific of authors, so I am looking at implementing some changes .

I will definitely continue to write on the blog and might actually be posting more betting previews in the future, without such a restrictive other arrangement.

However, I am also looking to advise someone, or possibly a small group on a more one to one basis. This would only be of interest to very serious gamblers and whilst not cheap, would provide a unique and value for money service. I have already spoken to several individuals along these lines, but would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with any other interested parties in the next week or two, before making a final decision. All (serious) enquiries by email to .........

Good Luck.

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