Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Tuesday morning,the sun is shining in West London and the Bees are going to Wembley ! However, with the JPT final set for Mothering Sunday, there are going to be a lot a Brentford supporters negotiating with wives and mothers in the coming weeks ! Come on ladies, do the right thing, just tell the man in your life the only present you really want is a pair of tickets for the final !

Nicky Forster has a 100% record as a coach and taken a team to a Wembley final after just five days in charge, which must be a record that will never be beaten, it's all gravy for Bees fans at the moment, what a difference a week makes !

Pretty quiet day betting wise for a Tuesday, I do have one solid bet but will not be able to post it on here, so you are on your own, please check back later in the week.

Good Luck.

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