Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know from experience that the next month or two is likely to be very fruitful for the gambler prepared to "put in the hours" and do a little homework. Most teams in the UK are going to be playing twice per week and with a lot of these being rearranged fixtures, there is not always going to be the standard home/away mix and there will be a lot of tired legs, spending hour upon hour on the motorway, with little recovery time between games. When you take this into account, along with team news/ squad size, there is clearly going to be some advantage to be gained by the hard working punter. That is all we should be looking for, an edge over the oddsmaker.

We have almost a full lower league domestic programme in England today, several teams have had a horrendous weekend travel wise, one will have spent around 25 hours on a bus since Friday by the early hours of the morning and will have played six road games in the last five weeks ! That is very tough on the body, regardless of fitness levels.

Another has had to make a very similar 7-8 hour road trip twice, played on an incredibly draining surface that cut up badly on saturday and must play a team that is refreshed after a ten day break and who has just strengthened their squad with three higher league signings !

A third is totally devoid of confidence, have been clocking up the road miles and must now face one of the better teams in the division, with no options to freshen up the team, with over half the squad injured or unavailable.

Those are just three tales of woe and there are plenty out there, do a little research and I am sure the rewards will come.

Good luck , back later.

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