Wednesday, January 04, 2012


We are only four days into the New Year, but already variance has raised it's ugly head with regard to blog readers.

My daily notes, all reproduced below, have included seven selections ( Hayes-Ebbsfleet was abandoned) and six have won, the only loser was the Bradford City selection, which was the only one posted on the blog ! I also wrote a decent preview ( no seletion)of the Real Madrid match yesterday.

This was the problem I tried to explain in previous posts, most recently on December 29th, there is a big difference between my notes which are written every day of the week and the occasional post on here. Having said that, I will try again and post something on here over the weekend.

Bristol City -0.5 ball 2.17 asian line. WON 1-0

Wigan-Sunderland "Over" 2.5 goals 2.13 asian line. WON 1-4

Blackburn Rovers- Stoke City 1.5 units "Over" 2.5 goals 2.02 asian line. WON 2-1

Doncaster Rovers -0.25 ball 2.21 asian line. WON 2-0

1.5 units Bradford City +0.5 ball 1.97 asian line. LOST

1.5 units Fleetwood Town -0.25 ball 2.05 asian line WON 6-0

1.5 units Hayes & Yeading- Ebbsfleet United "over" 2.75 goals 1.85 asian line.VOID

1.5 units New York -3 points 1.95 Pinnacle Sports / Vegas Line.
WON 31-14

By the way, Bradford were a "little" unlucky, having had the better of the first half, they then conceded three in eleven minutes, two via goalkeeping errors ( one was a real howler) and another a hotly disputed ( but then they always are !) penalty.

Good Luck.

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