Saturday, January 07, 2012

update ....

Not Chesterfield's day and definitely not mine !

Chesterfield started slowly and were forced to an early change when Westcarr went off injured, they worked their way back into the game and were awarded a penalty with 17 minutes to play with the score still 0-0, Whitaker who had apparently converted 14 in a row ( !) had his attempt saved, five minutes later they were a goal down .

Football League matches had seen 77% of all penalties scored this season before today, worst conversion rate was in the EPL ( 68%), best in League 2 ( 84%), not sure if that says more about the quality of keepers, or the pressure in the top flight, but feel like I have been on the wrong end of most of the misses !

Personally, I made one good move today, flat stakes and only three selections !

Good Luck.

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