Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday .... The wooden spoon

Hard to believe that Brentford are facing (at least) another season of third tier football, they were one of the
two best teams in League 1, of that, I remain 100% convinced , but they had TWO massive chances to get the job done and came up short.

Is it even possible to be 0-7 in the playoffs ! Do we get to permanently keep the wooden spoon ? If so, can we have a parade ?

What cannot be denied is that the club have made massive strides forward, both on and especially off the pitch, the planning application for the new ground is about to be submitted and everything is geared up for Championship football, we just need one more thing in place and that is not a wooden
spoon !

Very exciting weekend of fooball and I am planning to be active on here, the website and social media  over the next few days, so please check out all the clubgowi pages, of course, the only way to get access to all the output, is by subscribing to the daily newsletter.

Good Luck.

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