Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tuesday May 7th ..... something you may have missed ......

What a weekend !

A decent profit banked and my beloved Brentford finally booking a place in the League 1 Playoff final . 
Giving themselves another opportunity to clinch a spot in the Championship, something that should not only have been done and dusted ten days ago, but several weeks back.

Needless to say, the Bees couldn't get the job done without causing the maximum amount of anguish and nail biting, but that is their way and I do not doubt that there will be plenty of twists and turns to come at Wembley on May 19th.

However, my main reason for writing today is to try and bring you up to date on anything you might have missed over the last month or two. GOWI is spread across several outlets now and I guess that makes it easier for something to pass you by, so now is the opportunity to correct all that.

You are currently reading the Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI) blog, I have been posing here for over seven years, in the olden days, everything was here on Blogger, now apart from a few personal thoughts, it is mainly used to advertise the clubgowi website. Which is where you will be able to view most of the free to view content/ match previews, normally each week around 10% of my output is FTV, the other 90% is kept solely for subscribers to the email service. These are full members of clubgowi and have everything delivered by email to their inbox.

They pay for this quality service, a six months subscription works out at about 17 euros per week, that equates to some ten emails per week, with around 25 full match/event previews and it runs 52 weeks of the year.

You can actually view a fairly recent full week's worth of emails on this link, which is a "sister blog" I use for such things. 

As you will see, all events previewed carry a full write up, usually 300 words plus and often much more.

There is a detailed explanation of how the previews are set out in an article entitled " How Everything Works" which is on the subscription page of the clubgowi website.

The site also includes an informative and extensive results page and whilst I am giving links, we are active on Twitter and you can read about our sponsor on this tab.

We have been hugely successful through the summer months and my/our most profitable consecutive months, in each of the last three years, have been June/July.

The next three months are set to follow suit and I am very excited about how our major summer leagues have already started. In addition, there will be news for the next European football season's right through the summer, last year, in early July, I urged all my subscribers to bet Watford in the Championship each way at 66-1 and for promotion at 14-1, they finished third (odds 17.5) and were within a whisker of automatic promotion. We can still collect on the promotion part if they win the playoffs and remember, we have backed them at 15.0 not the 4.0 they are currently. Just after the season started I also advised a cover bet on Cardiff City to win outright at 13.0, whch they did by eight points with weeks to spare !

Therefore, from only three Championship outright bets, we have the opportunity to win on all three at odds of 13.0 (won), 17.5 (won) and 15.0 ( now 4.0) !

I am already working on next season's "coups" and have been telling subscribers for several months, that I am confident I have two long term "winners" already in the pipeline.

However, for our bread and butter business, almost 95% of our selections are for easy to bet asian handicap markets, which gives everyone a good and equal chance to play, you would never see me give a selection for one european based company ( the Championship bets were all "general" quotes and freely available), as I know no one would be able to "get on". If you are a succesful punter, you can only bet on asian markets regulary, or maybe on the exchanges.

The previews are evolving all the time and many carry information you will not find elsewhere and which often give you "in play" alternatives for matches covered.

There were a few other articles on the clubgowi website you might want to check out, one related to preview content, another to the "smaller bettor and clubgowi" and a third detailing how you could profit even further from the match/event previews

Should any of you have questions about the clubgowi subscriber service, co-operation in the future, Ibramarket our sponsor, or anything at all, please feel free to email me at gowi8@btinternet.com and I will get back to you promptly.

Good Luck.

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