Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Decision Time .......

I just do not have enough clubgowi free to view content to go around and over the last 12 months it has been
the blog which has suffered,

Only about 8% of clubgowi content is available to read for free, which means 2-3 previews per week and it is obvious that they are going to find their way onto the website and not poor old GOWI . The other 92%, which is some 25-28 previews per week (circa 28-30 total) are only for newsletter subscribers.

Anyway, it is decision time , I do not want Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests to die a slow and painful death, it has been too dear and important to me, so it will officially close on March 31st, on that day it will be eight years old, which is ancient in blog years.

That seems the perfect time, however, I want to go out with a bang and not a whimper, so for the final month March 1st-31st, it will be like the old days on here, plenty of content, previews and thoughts, all day, everyday for the whole of March. I will also try to come up with something special to finish with.

Don't forget, you can still follow GOWI content on Twitter, Facebook and above all the clubgowi website, probably for ever !!! It is just the blog which will be "retiring".

Over the next 5-6 weeks or so, I will update on here once or twice per week, in the build up to the big finish.

But there is plenty to read on the website right now.....

Australian Open tennis

Top Ten posts of 2013

What to expect in 2014

plus plenty more besides, take a look.

Good Luck.

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