Sunday, November 01, 2009

SUNDAY ................

Swansea and Wrexham both won yesterday, hopefully, some of you took adavantage, it was a very good day overall with subscribers enjoying a couple of other email winners too and over 22 points profit on the day.

If you are betting on any of the games in the UK today take care, the weather is poor with heavy rain and high gusty wind, best to take a quick look in running before getting overly involved. The Oldham ground in particular is notoriously exposed and has always had my vote as the coldest ground in England, it's nickname of "Ice Station" should tell you all you need to know !

I saw that Huddersfield have been very well supported in that game this morning, perhaps people feel that the better footballing side might enjoy the conditions more, but it will not be a day for "fancy dans". Better to watch a little of all UK games first and then make up your mind.

Back later.

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