Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TUESDAY ..........

It as a pity that Stoke couldn't hold on to their lead on Sunday, but the match at Upton Park went "over" and no damage was done. I remain in very good form and since October 22nd I have sent subscribers to the email service 19 winners from 26 selections, to be honest, most of these were easy winners and nearly all the losers led, or were unlucky, so it is not even true to say that we have been riding our good fortune.

That is a strike rate of over 73%, but you will see that it is "only"around ten selections per week. I changed my approach for subscribers a couple of months ago and have been giving far fewer selections, the benefits of this are clear for all to see. I am not giving this as a sales pitch, there are no available slots for new subscribers in any case, infact, there is a waiting list. Just trying to explain how difficult it is now for me to post more than two or three match previews on the blog per week, when I am only operating from a base of ten selections and subcribers are paying for those.

Today, I have just one selection and it is rated "very strong" so I will not be posting that on here, but I will put some stats on the blog in the next 24 hours which I am certain will help you pinpoint some future winners, so please check those out.

Good Luck.

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