Friday, February 24, 2012


I was away for a few days last week, in the ten days since returning I have had 23 bets, 12 winners and 11 losers, one of the winners was 5.0 but a small bet, nothing very exciting, no fortunes won or lost. Unfortunately, I have posted five of them on here and all five have lost !

Not sure what the odds are on that, actually, I probably do ( 33649 divided by 462) , so 71.83 -1 to pick five losers .............obviously I have a talent for this !

That is the problem, as the blog posts are (almost) randomly selected from all my match previews, luck is going to play a big part. I could have picked five winners, which would have been much easier at 41-1, but obviously, either should be extremely unlikely from such a sample.

Anyway, bit frustrating to say the least. Having said that, I will not give up just yet and will be back tomorrow with a couple of previews.

Good Luck.

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