Saturday, February 04, 2012


Everton didn't win, but the late goal came and that was available at 2.96 in asia at the 80th minute mark.

I briefly previewed one other early EPL game ....


This pair had 58 attempts between them in midweek and scored..... zero goals ! Quite how Rovers came up short at Ewood Park against the Magpies will have to remain one of life's great mysteries, Yakubu must have scored six from the stands and the person sitting in front of him will have been black and blue in the morning. He is still suspended and Christopher Samba will not be considered, but these two create a lot of chances and in a fixture which almost always produces goals and a lot of them, it is easy to see an excess of excitement. The pair played out a seven goal thriller in the reverse fixture and something similar is not impossible, Robin van Persie always likes to face Rovers and he has scored 10 in his last dozen games against the visitors. Hosts had Sagna and Arteta back in midweek and they should strip fitter today. I think the three goal asian line is a little on the skinny side and am happier taking a little on the "over" 4.5 line @ circa 4.60 or the "over" 5.5 line at around 10.0, which would not surprise me at all, but for the purposes of the email I will leave those.

So, "officially" I have lost on those two games, despite "suggesting" four bets, three of which won at odds of 10.0, 4.60 and 2.96 . As I always say, my daily notes are about so much more than the basic results and there are plenty of winners contained within the content, if you are not too lazy to look.

Good Luck.

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