Saturday, March 24, 2012


I write some notes every day about all the matches and events that interest me, today's, albeit a censored and edited version is in the post below.

The blog contains a small sample of what I write, maybe ten percent of my output and almost never contains my strongest news, for example, today, I have looked at five matches and my best news is for the three not previewed below.

The first "mystery" game contains some statistical information about a particular attacking strength of one team and their opponents vunerability to this. The second has some vital team news, which is going to hugely weaken an inform team and this is not freely available, or at least was not when I wrote the notes.

Even if I wanted to post these previews on the blog, it would be foolish to do so, as this information will still be relevant for the next round of matches and possibly beyond. Even if these selections do not win today, the content is valuable and that, I believe is the value of my notes, as I try to write them not just with a view to that day's events, but also to the future.

Good Luck.

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