Thursday, March 08, 2012


West Ham United had enough chances to have beaten Watford with a degree of comfort last night, but not for the first time this season, especially on home soil, lacked a cutting edge.

Dundee United had won easily the night before and Bologna on Sunday, when goals and cards also came in the Rome derby as discussed, infact, the first of two red cards were waved inside seven minutes, so, not too long to wait for a payout there.

Hugely interesting day today, I have put up six selections in total at average odds of almost 14-1 ( biggest around 50-1) in my daily email notes, which I also sent to about a dozen of you who have registered for the freebie email (see box to the left of this post). If you have previously registered but didn't get a copy today, don't panic, you can expect one over the weekend. If registering is too much trouble as it takes almost 15 seconds ( !), I will definitely be posting a preview or two on here over the weekend.

Good Luck.

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