Monday, February 25, 2013

Laziness ....

I have just posted an update on the clubgowi website. Those original posts were sent to subscribers last June and updated through the summer, while everyone else was on a break, I was working hard. Now we are approaching payback time, hard work rarely goes unrewarded somewhere down the line and when I don't really want to get out of bed to watch J-League football at 06.00, especially when I have been up until the early hours following MLS or Brazilian matches, I remind myself of that.

I am fairly laid back ( except when I am inside Griffin Park), losers do not worry me, they are inevitable when you gamble, the only thing that really annoys me is laziness, there are no short cuts and when people tell me they are going to gamble full time and are not prepared to put in more hours than they would for a normal job, or to pay someone to help with the workload, I know it can never work out for them. It also annoys me, not that they can't be arsed to work, or pay (either with time or money) for information , that is up to them, but that they still expect to make money and want to complain when they don't.

I work **** hard, if I read that x is suspended or y  injured, I cannot just accept it, I have to check it out for myself and preferably in two places, yes that makes me anal, but it also makes me thorough and often I find out things that no one else knows, or which everyone else has misunderstood, or got wrong. I cannot just read that Sedan , Bahia or Torquay are playing well or poorly, I have to see it with ny own eyes, either online, or live. I didn't want to go to watch Wycombe Wanderers two weeks ago, especially on a freezing cold night, when Brentford were at home, but I felt it was the right thing to do, so I went and it has paid off, with the information I picked up producing two winners since then.

That is why I win every year.

This is how you can too.

Good Luck.

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