Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday morning update .....

Big day for me yesterday, over six points profit on five Ligue 2 selections , one of which, Laval was posted on the clubgowi website in mid afternoon, so I am assuming most/all of you got to see that, they won 3-0.

I feel genuinely excited about the direction we are taking with clubgowi and honestly think that the newsletter has evolved into a fantastic product. At present there is also a time limited offer which is so good, I do not want to openly discuss it, but which is basically a completely free 240 euros for blog readers/ followers. You will already have received it if you recently signed up to the clubgowi (occasional) free newsletter, but if not and you are interested, send an email to us at , with the one word subject title "offer" and I will forward details.

Don''t forget, the mighty Bees are on ITV at midday tomorrow, live from Stamford Bridge ..... one or two big names will not be able to sleep tonight !

Photo is of Brentford legend Jackie Graham, boy did I have a "man cush" on him as a lad ! My brother and I spent three years "stalking" him, before the word had even been invented ! We took this photograph and it was about the furthest we let him get away on matchdays !

Good Luck.

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