Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday morning update.....

I hope that you all got to see the preview on the clubgowi website yesterday, it was a little shorter than my usual notes, but Le Havre won 3-0 so hard to be picky.

Extra bonus today for those readers who have signed up to the occasional free newsletter service, ,as they have already received a Championship preview for this afternoon's action.

If you check the blog out regularly, but have not yet signed up for the free newsletter, that is frankly crazy, it is free, takes 20 seconds and will deliver some previews to your inbox that you are taking time to try to find here, or more likely on the website. Cover all your bases and sign up as soon as possible. It will not get you access to all the clubgowi output, you can only get that by subscribing, but it will mean that you will get to see as much as there is, of the free to view content.

Actually, there is a lot of additional and useful information about my notes on the subscriber page, starting with "How Everything Works" and I urge you all to read that.

Good Luck.

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