Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday .... Seventh time lucky !

Well, Saturday turned out to be photo 3 in the end ( see below and right, with the Bees missing a 94th minute penalty, which would have seen Championship football at Griffin Park next season.

I have no wish to comment on the events surrounding the penalty and who should , or should not, have taken it and do not believe boss Uwe Rosler should have openly said anything either. These things are always best done behind closed doors.

Marcello Trotta has come in for unbelievable criticism (that is being polite), he is 19-20 years old, the same age as one of my daughters and if she had come in for the same level of abuse, I do not think I would have been able to control myself.

At the end of the day, no one has died, Brentford still have a chance to go up through the playoffs, I believe that they will be in the Championship at some stage in the next two years, hopefully next month and the club on and off the field has made massive strides over the last 2-3 years. It is no longer run along League 1 lines and will not remain a third tier club for long.

Also, like most football supporters I am a sick addict, Brentford are my drug of choice and whilst I desperately want them to do well,  if I am honest, the buzz I get from following/watching them is only going to be minimally increased in the Championship and is only ever similarly slightly decreased in League 2. Although touch wood, I think the days of fourth tier football are behind us.

Since I started supporting Brentford, they have spent 70% of their time in the third tier and one single season in the second, they have finished second in "League 1" and not been promoted (94-95 the only year just one teeam went up !), relegated five times, lost six times in the playoffs ( a "perfect" record) and won basically sod all.

However, big family occasions aside, almost all the most memorable single events of my life ( good and bad) involve the club and the events of Saturday are just one more. Hopefully Wembley on May 19th will be another, but for very different reasons and we will be able to laugh about "the miss".... OMG what if the playoff final is decided on penalties !

Good Luck.

BTW, that photograph of Rosler and Peter Gilham (Mr Brentford) is a favourite of mine and never fails to cheer me up, it is more amusing if you know Gilham, or have seen him as enthusiastic match day announcer at Griffin Park .

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