Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Results .....

The results page on the clubgowi website has been updated with statistics for seven years of free to view
content, detailed newsletter results and a look how the odds have held up for readers who are not always available to bet first thing in the morning, when the email is sent out to subscribers, in other words, something for everyone and it is definitely worth a look.

I have previewed four matches today, with a selection in each, all at odds against, but to be honest, for me, this week is all about Brentford-Doncaster Rovers and 15.00 on Saturday cannot come quickly enough ! Since I have been following the Bees and that is a very long time, they have had one single season of second tier football and if they win at the weekend, they will have another next season, so you can probably appreciate how big a deal this is, with supporters flying in from all over the world to be at Griffin Park and why not, where else would you want to be !

Good Luck.


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