Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday...... the bottom line !

Granada won 2-1 yesterday, I hope that some of you got on . I did plan to post another preview later in the evening (see below) on the clubgowi website and it was a winner too, again at odds of 2.20 + (we were 4 from 4 on football yesterday, at average odds of 2.15+, including a "very strong" selection), but when I re-read the notes, there was too much information there about possible future selections, to post on an open forum, so I had to pass.

Many of the previews are written in such a way, as to also give clues to future winners, potential improvers, or teams with huge incentive who now have previously missing key players now available, clubs that we can follow for a week or two, before the oddsmakers catch up with the information. The second selection yesterday fell firmly into the latter of those groups and when I looked at it again, it was simply too valuable to post.

I have grown a little weary of repeating it and I am sure you of reading it, but it is the content of the preview which has the real value, not the signature red type bottom line.

Anyway, I apologise if I mislead anyone over the missing "second" preview, to get all the clubgowi selections delivered directly  to your inbox click here.

Good Luck.

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