Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have been a busy boy today and previewed eight matches on the email service, in addition to taking another look at the WGC Matchplay golf, which is now at the quarter-final stage.

The match ups, in draw order, with best updated odds ....

WOODS (2.16)- CHOI (14.5)
STENSON (9.40)- AUSTIN (28.0)
LEONARD (13.5)- SINGH (11.5)
CABRERA (9.80)- CINK (14.0)

We have a little value in the outright market with Stenson, put up yesterday @ 14.0. Tiger was close to going out again yesterday, which would have been ideal for us, if not for the sponsors and television executives.

When Woods plays, he is the only golfer on the course, at least as far as the television cameras are concerned and you have to rely on the internet to find out what anyone else is doing. I understand that he is the most famous player on the planet, but is it really more important to watch him walking up the fairway, than seeing key moments elsewhere on the course ?
Obviously, having covered such a wide range of events for subscribers, it gives me far more options blog wise, so I will be posting several previews later today.

Please check back.

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