Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I have sent out previews of three fooball matches on the email service today and am likely to cover one of them on here, later in the day.

Been taking a look at some stastics from european football leagues this morning ...

If it's goals that excite you, give Greece a miss, their top division averages just 2.17 goals per game and the second tier, a really miserly 1.81.

Of the major european footballing nations, it will come as no surprise that France (2.18) provides the fewest and Netherlands (3.14) the most goals.

Best for home wins is Romania (52%), followed by Germany, Greece and Scotland SPL, all with 49%. Least, are supplied by English Division 2 (37%), well clear of France 2 (41%), Scotland Div 1 (41%) and Italy (42%).

Few away wins in Austria (18%) and Portugal (19%), if looking for road teams to back, turn your attention to England Div 2 (38%), Slovenia (35%) and the SPL (33%).

You will really struggle to find a draw amongst Scotland's finest, just 18% in the SPL, easily the lowest in Europe , followed by Germany with 23%. Having seen the total goals scored, most would name Greece as the best for draws and you would be correct, with a whopping 36%, followed by France 2, Austria and Portugal, all with 34%.

So, think long and hard before taking any team playing away in Austria or especially Portugal, where even the big two struggle on the road and half the league, have just 3 wins between them.

With the average "true" price of a draw in the SPL 5.50 and 4.33 in the German Bundesliga, be wary of taking any stalemate at "traditional" quotes, if you can lay them at such, take a secoond look.

Don't be scared of backing visiting sides in England Division 2, where an away win is as likely as a home, the only league that can make this claim.

Good Luck.

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