Saturday, September 05, 2009



OK, win or lose there is a little value in the Bees here at some very big odds. Hosts are 100% so far with five wins from five starts and have been able to name an unchanged line up in each match, they might have to reshuffle slightly today, but Phil Parkinson has a talented mix of young and old players at his disposal and they will not be far away come the end of the season. However, I see no reason why they should be circa 1.55 to beat the unbeaten visitors, who have lost just twice in 23 league starts.

Brentford have pace in abundance and they will certainly be targeting the 35yo Christian Dailly in the centre of the home defence as someone they can get at and behind. I have discussed the Bees recently (see earlier post) and they are a club on the rise, they are looking forward to the match today and the opportunity to play before a big crowd and a large television audience.

I am not getting overly involved, at these odds there is no need to, but would just like to finish with a word, or two, about the team news on the BBC site, which I have discussed before. Please do not treat their previews as gospel, there are plenty of errors and it is often written in a misleading way.

For example, today they write that Brentford will be without strikers Ben Strevens and Charlie MacDonald, this is true, but neither has played this season and MacDonald has not started a match since March ! Also, it is widely reported elsewhere that James Wilson is not available today, having been in the Wales U21 squad for last night's game agianst Italy. This would have left the Bees with an inexperienced pairing in central defence today, but Wilson was not named on the bench for his country and the club had him driven back to London last night and he will play today.

2.5 points Brentford to win 5.50 + .......... up to 6.65 is available.

Back later.

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