Thursday, September 24, 2009

THURSDAY ..........

I am in two minds what to do with the blog and will have to give it some serious thought in the next week or so.

The problem is that I have become far more selective with my email selections, as a result of which, there are fewer previews to choose from and post on here. I still cover quite a few games at the weekend when it is less of a problem, but midweek is very difficult. My additional concern is that here you receive so little of my output, that you might easily miss all the winners and only get losers.

For example, on Sunday I sent six selections, five won and one was "stakes returned", there was nothing on Monday, Tuesday I had one winner and the loser you received here, more about that later and yesterday another two games, which both won. So ten games in total, one loser , one stakes returned and eight winners, blog readers got just one winner !

Don't get me wrong, the information is still very good, but will be far more in the hands of the gambling gods and I am not sure how I feel about that.

The Peterborough bet was incredibly unlucky btw, we had two goals after 31 minutes and before the break, Boro had also hit the woodwork twice and the visitors had two "good" penalty appeals turned down. In total, the home side had 21 attempts on target in the game, that is the biggest number I have seen in a very long time between two teams from the same division. This game should have produced six goals let alone two ! The "gods" owe us one !

Good Luck.

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