Friday, October 21, 2011

FRIDAY .....

None of the selections below were posted on the blog, but I did send out 73 free copies of my daily notes each midweek day this week to long term readers of the blog and I have gone a perfect 7 from 7 with "official selections" so far. They have received another email with two selections today, after which, they are on their own ! As that is a reasonably large percentage of my regular readership, I feel ok about talking about the results.

I have a big weekend planned with four early previews, including a double stake ( maximum) selection , in addition to covering three matches in "running", where I am also four from four in the last seven days ! I will do my best to post something on the blog preview wise over the weekend, so please check back before 15.00 ( UK time) tomorrow.


These are the ONLY red type ( official) selections given this week.

MONDAY Athletic Bilbao -0.5 ball 1.86. WON 3-1

TUESDAY 1.5 units Fleetwood Town -0.75 ball asian line 2.06. WON 4-1
Ajax level ball 2.20 asian line. WON 2-0
Crystal Palace -0.25 2.06 asian line. WON 1-0

WEDNESDAY Arsenal +0.25 ball 2.06 asian line. WON 1-0

THURSDAY 1.5 units LA Galaxy -0.75 1.76 asian line. WON 1-0
FC Twente -0.5 ball 2.06 + there is some 2.10 on offer if you shop around. WON 4-1

Good Luck.


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