Thursday, June 28, 2012


A large number of blog readers got to see my full daily notes yesterday, in addition to the J-League notes (see below), Portugal, Tamira Paszek ( given and held over from Tuesday) and the Sharapova-Pironkova "over" completed a cleansweep of red type selections and there was also a winning "suggestion" at odds of 6.0. All from just six event previews, to be honest, it was about as perfect an email as possible.

There was a definite P theme going on with Portugal, Paszek and Pironkova !

There was also a very special offer to sign up to the service long term, at an incredible rate, a sum so low it would have been possible to win it by investing a few euros on the selections from just that one email .

I also laid out my plans for the rest of the week, two selections today, the remaining Euro 2012 semi-final and one match from Wimbledon, where I have a strong opinion on each and .....

FRIDAY 29/06
Email to be sent @ 10.00 UK time   Content: Wimbledon tennis, Irish Premier League, MLS football

 Email #1 to be sent@ 09.00 UK time  Content: J-League football
 Email #2 to be sent @ 11.00 UK time Content: Wimbledon tennis, MLS football ( where I have some very strong news)

SUNDAY 01/07:
Email to be sent @ 11.00 UK time  Content: Euro 2012 Final, Brazil Serie A, Irish Open Golf Round 4, PGA Tour Golf Round 4.

I have been in pretty good form for three months now and feel very much on top of things at the moment, I will definitely try to post a preview on here over the weekend, obviously not my strongest news, which as always. is only for the email.

In the meantime, good luck !


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