Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I had a bad day yesterday, there have not been too many of them in the last five months or so, but yesterday was one. Having said that, I did not have any luck, well no good luck, two of my three bets were really very good and I would love to bet them again today, if that were possible.

I was also pretty pleased with the previews, I found extended ( and scarce) recent highlights of one of the teams and sent those along with my preview ,they are playing at a level significantly above the league they are currently in, just not getting the results. This will change, yesterday we lost one bet on this team, but I am 90% sure that we will get this back three of four fold over the next month or two . That is the beauty of the email service and the detailed previews, even when they do not show an immediate profit and you can see in the post below that they normally do, they are still laying down the foundations for future gains.

Today I have previewed four events, three football
 ( Brazil and MLS) and one tennis, putting up five selections, three of them strong and another at a very generous 6.50.

I will definitely be posting here later in the day, please check back.

Good Luck.

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