Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Plenty of you got to see all my daily notes over the weekend, we did well last week, but were a bit unlucky, with several teams unable to hold onto leads, when seemingly well on top in matches where time was running out ( far too slowly !), but that is football and it is hard to complain too much when we have hit a ROI of over 22% with red type selections alone over the last six months ( see post below).

The GOWI Twitter page @clubgowi  LINK is proving popular and is very active with some one line snippets from my email service on there most days.

 I have previewed three matches in my notes, two for today and one for later in the week. Two I cannot share on here or Facebook ( see link to left of this post) because of the content and the third is pretty hastily written and not up to my normal standards, so I have no wish to openly publish that, the other two are mini masterpieces of course !  But I will definitely have a preview or two to share either here or on FB later in the week, probably one tomorrow, so please check back.

Good Luck.

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