Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday morning round up ....

I have been conducting a bit of an experiment with regards to betting my newsletter selections "late", by which I mean one hour or less before kick off, or early "in running" and also for "small" stakes. Early days yet, but you can read more details and see some results on the clubgowi website.

There are a number of articles on there you may have missed, so a bit of a "heads up" here, there was one about why you really should be betting on asian handicaps, preferably via clubgowi sponsor Ibramarket, but if not, then wherever you can. I also mentioned their increased payment options in that article and you can read more about Ibramarket on the "our sponsor" tab on the website.

That's enough about them, how about a few interesting links, which appeared in this post ? The first lets you look inside the pubs on all four corners of Griffin Park, would it surprise you to know that I have only ever been in three ? More of my beloved Bees later in the day, but I am going to be bawling like a baby the day we leave GP ( The Theatre of Sleepless Nights). The third link on that page tells you how clever I am and details the position clubgowi subscribers have in the Championship, where we have backed Cardiff City to win outright at 13.0 ( now 1.12 max) and Watford for promotion at up to 15.0 ( now 2.25 max). Two 12-1+ winners in the same "race" would really be something !

There was also an article about the "Golden Years of Blogging", which in terms of GOWI have gone I am afraid. That is not to say that there will not be the odd nice preview in the free to view content, but reading that and not subscribing to the newsletter, is a little like going to a restaurant and leaving after the hors d'oeuvre ! They might taste nice, but ultimately leave you unsatisfied and wanting more !

You really need to check out the clubgowi website on a regular basis and should add it to your favourites.

Also remember to visit our Twitter page, where John is very generous with his snippets of information from the clubgowi daily newsletter !

Good Luck.


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