Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday update .....

The weather has once again taken a turn for the worse and is playing havoc with the Football League fixtures today, I only previewed three in the end, two seem pretty likely to go ahead and the other is 50-50 with an inspection due to take place shortly. I also took a look at two MLS games , a league which was hugely profitable for us last season, so fingers crossed that we continue where we left off there and that all five of our matches go ahead today. 

Having lost the Sheffield United- Brentford game which was due to be televised in about an hour, I already feel hard done by. The Bees on television still feels like a rare and special event and in terms of offering freebies, Brentford have been a little cursed this season. Their sold out "pay what you can" promotion for the Stevenage match was washed out and they laid on a number of free coaches for supporters today, with some 1,300 + Bees supporters expected at the game. The coaches had already set off this morning, before the match was called off.

All will be forgiven if the Bees are playing Championship football next season !

There was a match preview on the clubgowi website yesterday, which I advised on here in advance, so I am certain you all got to see it !

We have some very exciting times ahead, best consecutive two month periods for us in each of the last THREE years have been June/ July and we were on fire right through last Spring/ Summer in 2012. Going on incredible runs in MLS and Brazilian football especially. Soon we will have both up and running, along with J-League and all "our" winter leagues operating in tandem too. That means ten + emails per week pretty much right through until Autumn ! This link will tell you how to get them all delivered directly to your inbox.

Good Luck.

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