Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday Morning Update.....

In addition to the free preview posted on the clubgowi website yesterday, anyone who signed up for the occasional free newsletter, will get a further two delivered to their inbox today. So, obviously that is a lot of free information which was available to all of you and there will be no more free to view content posted on the blog or website this weekend, beyond any snippets that clubgowi social media guru John, opts to post on Twitter.

It is my birthday today and all I really want is three points for Brentford, if I am being greedy, a hat-trick for Clayton Donaldson and losses for Swindon, Doncaster, Sheffield United and Bournemouth and a draw at Yeovil !

From the outside looking in, Donaldinho is the model pro, he is super fit and has not missed a single game since joing the Bees (touch wood), he got a lot of (unjustified) flak last season, but in 88 starts for the club, has scored or assisted in 50 goals and works his socks off every week. He has had a stunning 169 attempts on goal in the last two seasons and if he could only learn how to score from the penalty spot, he would be close to perfect !

Good luck with all your bets this weekend !

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