Saturday, March 10, 2007


OK time to be honest, I had a family commitment this afternoon, which had totally slipped my mind and have only just returned, so no time for previews.

I favour two teams competing for the two remaining Champions League places, facing mid table opposition. St Etienne are a team that I like, but they are not the most consistent of sides it would be typical of them, after last weeks problems, to bounce back with a win.

Lille impressed me in midweek and with a host of clubs breathing down their necks have to return to winning form, especially on the road. Lorient are missing 3 players.

I was intending to write a little about the Barce-Real match, but have no real feeling for the game at all, so best to just watch and enjoy.

4 points Lille level ball 1.78 asian line.

4 points St Etienne +1/4 ball 2.02 asian line.

Good Luck.

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