Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Gamble Continues .............

......... on Plymouth Argyle in the Championship, guess that a lot of people were impressed by their performance against Watford, in the FA Cup on Sunday.

Their odds have fallen to -1/2 ball 1.75 and whilst the money usually talks in Asia, that seems plenty short enough and sometimes you just have to step back and cry enough!

Barnsley really need the point or points, sitting just one place and a single point, outside the relegation zone, every result is vital, they are away again on Saturday and simply have to collect something from one, or both, of these games.

The visitors put up a creditable performance in the loss to Sunderland at the weekend and had a few chances. They fight hard and have a more potent threat up front now, with the addition of the Hungarians, one of whom, Peter Rajczi, has just been called up into his national squad.

A crucial reason to oppose the home side is that they must be a little drained by their cup dream coming to an end. They are stuck in mid table and it may take longer to recover some enthusiasm for a bread and butter league game, such as this.

Barnsley have 5 players available following recent injuries and suspension, so a chance to freshen up the squad, they played at luchtime on Saturday, so will have benifitted from an additional 30 hours recovery time, which could be significant at this stage of a long season.

I will take the visitors to get something, all the teams at the bottom are picking up their game at the moment and a match against an opponent with so little to play for, is a bonus.

4 points Barnsley +1/2 ball asian line 2.205 .

Good Luck.

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