Wednesday, August 22, 2007



I can never back Turkey in friendly matches, they are a talented team, but always seem to be experimenting, which, after all, is what tehse games are for, or seemingly not trying. They have named a fairly strong squad for this fixture, but look a little weak in midfield and with Besiktas ( almost entire defence) and Fenerbache both facing huge and finely balanced, Champions League ties next week, surely they will have asked for an easy time for their players.

That same argument is true for the home nation too of course, but I feel it is less relevant, when on home soil. Romania have a fine record to protect too, not having lost a home game since early 2005 and climbing 16 FIFA ranking places in that time.

Can realistically only see 1X in this game and with the -1/4 line, only one side to play.

5 points Romania -1/4 ball 1.83 asian line.

Good Luck.

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