Saturday, August 25, 2007



Donny boss Sean O'Driscoll probably knows as much about the visitors as anyone currently associated with the South Coast club, having been in charge for many years. What he doesn't know can probably be filled in by the four former Bournemouth players he has signed, especially their star player James Hayter, who was there for 11 seasons and was their perennial top scorer. Having stripped the club of their best talent and with funds at his disposal that others only dream about, it will be a little embarassing if his team do not put Bournemouth to the sword today.

The visiting team have yet to score this season and are missing 3 players today. Rovers fans are raving over long time loan signing Matt Mills from Manchester City, who is the "final piece in the jigsaw", he starts and should be on the winning side today.

4.5 points Doncaster -1/2 ball 1.73 Unibet.. 1.74 + exchanges OR -3/4 ball 1.9o asian line.

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