Wednesday, August 15, 2007


At the moment, I do not have any !

There are some nice looking matches today, with almost full rounds in England and France, plus 12 vital Champions League ties.

I have written reviews of six matches on the email service today and will probably put a couple of them on the blog, a little later.

I say probably, because the actions of a few, have left me more than a little disillusioned with the blog. This site is free and has made a profit in 70% of the week's since it started, almost 17 months ago.

Yesterday there were 3/3 winning bets, plus some very valuable information about the Brentford match, 7 of the last 10 football bets have won, 12 from 16 on the email service. In addition, we were extremely unlucky not to record massive profits on the golf at the weekend. Yet still people want to complain about this FREE service and even worse, use the chatbox to abuse fellow readers, it is too much ! Which is why it has been removed.

Do not want any genuine (most of you) readers to waste their time, so, if I do decide to post today, it will not be until late afternoon.

Good Luck.


charlie said...

Great blog !
Just keep it up with excellent work.
Yesterday's tips from Carling Cup helped me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the fact that the blog is free. Hope the actions and words of a few don't spoil it for the rest of us who truly believe in your work.

Anonymous said...

Always thought the Chatbox was a very bad idea :(

My betting's only a few quid for a 4 point bet so the subscription isn't really viable for me at the moment. Never mind, been fun whilst it's lasted (and I hope continues to!)

Tommy said...

Well done mate !
Thx a lots.

Tommy said...

Well done !
I wish to thank you for your good work.

maiko said...

hi mr natural,

just wanted to say thanks a lot for all this while, your in depth effort of helping out on us punters. i am no where near a heavy better, that's why still not subscribe at the moment.

but betting is either win or lose, never ever complain someone or insult any one whose bet tip lost. I feel that if any one who cant stand to lose, please dont bet.

i have been following your blog and posts in gooners since ages ago.

good work!!

thanks again!