Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Here we have two teams with massive problems off the pitch, unfortunately, Brentford have carried theirs onto the field and were dire, as you might expect, in the 7-0 (!) defeat at Peterborough on Saturday. OK, they were reduced to 10 men and a goal down, inside the first minute, but it was the lack of effort and fight, that left Bees supporters so angry. They were forced to play a very young goalkeeper at the weekend and that would have done his confidence no good at all. Two of the other culprits are unavailable this evening ( maybe they are in hiding)and an already small, young and stretched squad, is going to be severley tested by a Luton side which is at least a division better than even a fit , confident Bees team, which the current squad is plainly not.

There are very likely to be demonstrations against the board and manager tonight and if/when they go a goal down, things could get very ugly at Griffin Park. The stadium where I spent most of my youth, has turned into the Theatre of Nightmares, Brentford fans do not expect much, but lack of effort is unacceptable and we have seen two seasons of that !

6 points Luton level ball 1.70 asian line..... now -1/4 ball 1.89.

Good Luck.

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