Thursday, November 01, 2007

SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE I AM BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL... but please take 5 minutes to read this ...... it might make you a little money !

To the end of October, over the preceding six weeks, one of which I was away for, there have been previews of 176 football matches on the email service, 106 of which have been winners, that is a 60% success rate. One which would ensure a decent profit, even at sub 2.0 odds, but this sequence includes winners at 8.50, 4.80, 4.50, 4.10 and 3.0 !

However, these are just the basic results and I feel that the information contained within the newsletter, is of equal value, especially with reference to trends, teams to follow and the general approach to analysing matches. With a little fine tuning and personal knowledge, which I am sure, you all have, profits could be even greater. For a couple of dollars per day, I doubt that there is better value on the internet.

In addition, a couple of readers are looking at a potential jackpot payout for minimal stakes, after perming my long term domestic football selections which were .....


5 points Watford to gain promotion 4.0 Watford hold a six point lead and are as low as 1.22 to be promoted .


2.5 points Swansea outright 11.0

5 points Swansea promoted 4.0 Swans sit in second place, one point behind the leaders with a game in hand, top priced 8.0 outright.


2 points win Milton Keynes Dons 9.0
5 points promotion 3.0 Dons are top of the table with a 3 point lead, quoted at 2.50 to win and big odds on for promotion.

6 points Aldershot to finish in the top half 1.72 Blue Square. Shots are second in the table, 15 points clear of the bottom half.

6 points Manchester United 2.375 outright, general quote. United are level with the Gunners at the top of the table.

2 points each way Blackburn Rovers +34 points handicap 16.0 1/5 odds 1234 Ladbrokes.... If that is not available to you, or makes limited appeal, they can be backed at 6.0 for a top 6 spot . Rovers are 5th in the table, with a game in hand over 3 of the top 4. They are down to 5.50 on the handicap and 2.70 for a top 6 finish.

These were my only outright selections in the domestic football. I did give two other bets, which were in the individual club top goalscorer markets. One is unlikely to win, the other is leading despite missing much of this season and looks a very nice bet !

This is tipping/ previewing whatever you wish to call it, of the very highest order.

The reason that I am banging on (and on) about this, is that less and less is going to be available on the blog. I know that the market makers follow my selections and cut the odds accordingly, with or without (usually with) sustained support, therefore, by the time I can post on the blog, much, or all, of the value has long since gone. That situation is not going to improve, infact, it is likely to get worse. Email subscibers all get the newsletter at the same time and have time to bet at the best odds available, odds which beat the final market price virtually everytime.

On the rare occasion that it does not, that is often because other sites have published wrong information, there was such a case yesterday. Where it was reported elsewhere, that a certain club had something of an injury crisis, which was totally incorrect, this was pointed out to subscribers in an email exclusive.

If you have ever considered joing the email service, I suggest that you give it further thought, you can subscribe for 12 weeks, for less than £1.43 per day ,with equivalent rates for the euro and dollar. Infact, the dollar rate, due to the exchange fluctuations, offers even better value, there you go, the first tip for today ! These rates will be updated very shortly and I will say no more than that.

Further details can be found on .

Good Luck.

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