Sunday, February 07, 2010


Some readers of the blog, former subscribers to the email service are sitting on long term bets for the Superbowl and hold vouchers for the New Orleans Saints at odds of up to 25-1, which I gave each -way at the start of the season.

We/they have already secured the place part and also won on the hedging bet, given before the Championship game, so are already sitting on a 27 point plus profit and sweating on a further 65 points if the Saints go all the way.

As I have told the subscribers I am still in touch with, the only way to tie in any further guaranteed profit is by taking the Colts at circa 1.53 to win and that is entirely up to the individual and their bankroll.

I was going to put a major preview on here, but so many of you already on New Orleans and I have discussed them so much over the course of the season, that there now seems little point. Some things are meant to be and I have just had the feeling all season that the Saints were destined to win this year. Having said that, if I put my heart to one side for a minute and look at the game cold, I could still only make the Colts the very narrowest of favourites and that is really all down to Peyton Manning. But I feel that the improving Saints defense will put pressure on him tonight, like they did on Brett Favre in the title game, forcing him into the error that eventually changed the game. However, the explosive Saints offense led by Drew Brees might not need that to happen and with two key Colts players in Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne set to play at less than 100% fitness. The advantage is with the Who Dat Nation in my book and were we not already involved and you might not be, I would have to suggest taking the Saints plus the points, or for the more adventurous amongst you, the bigger moneyline odds on offer.

Elsewhere, I have looked through the props and found just a couple of bets of interest, I took Brees to throw a first quarter touchdown pass at circa 3.0, something he has done in his last three starts and feel that still offers a little value at anything at 2.70 or above. I would rate this a 2-3 point selection.

Pinnacle are also offering 2.05 for Drew Brees to throw over 2 touchdown passes, with two seeing money returned, I like this bet a lot , if the game turns into a shootout and it easily could , "Cool Brees" should cover this with ease and we could be freerolling early. I would rank this 5-6 points, double the other prop bet.

That will do, sit back, relax and enjoy, this could be a classic !

Good Luck.

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