Sunday, February 21, 2010


Shock ! Horror ! Couple of late goals in our favour yesterday, surely there will be some sort of board of inquiry set up to look into that !

Anyway, that meant three from three for the day and they were very well received in this corner of Berkshire. Unfortunately, the Bees were unable to hold onto an early lead at Walsall, so it was not the perfect day, so we will save that particular clean sweep for another day.

Such is the way of things for me in 2010 that I am almost guaranteed to lose today, to continue my WLWLWLWL etc sequence and yes, I do understand the power of positive thinking, but that has not worked for the last six weeks, so I am trying another approach today !

Actually, I am keeping stakes small and whilst I will almost certainly take a view "in running" on several games, have only taken an early position on two of this afternoon's matches. I will post very brief notes on one of these a little later, but you have been warned about the likely outcome, so keep stakes small !

Back later.

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