Sunday, February 07, 2010

SUNDAY ............

Both selections won yesterday and got us back on track, in addition to which, I wrote earlier in the week about how thrilled I was with the transfer deadline business done by the Bees and the board were immediately repaid a little for the support they have given coach Andy Scott, with a resounding 4-0 thumping of Gillingham. There was a little bad feeling from the reverse fixture earlier in the season and this was a very satisfying result for any number of reasons. I know that I am a little (lot) biased when it comes to the Bees, but usually correct in my assessment of them, Scott has built a decent squad at GP Towers and they have boundless pace going forward, something that will enable them to score plenty at this level and I would think long and hard before opposing them at present.

I have bet a couple of games today and will preview at least one of these later in the day, but to be honest, would be quite happy to fast forward to tonight and the Superbowl, which I will also take a look at this afternoon. This is traditionally a day of roller coaster emotions for me, I have enjoyed three huge wins on the Superbowl, hoping for a fourth today and also one, absolutely horrendous, stinker of a day, that will be forever etched on my mind , January 31 1988 Washington Redskins against the Denver Broncos , my second worst betting day ever and one which still sends a chill through my very soul.

My friend was a big player with all of the Index companies and we sold everything that could move,walk or talk ............ points, yards, individual performances ........... there goes that chill !

For those that do not know, or cannot remember, at half time the score was 35-10, everything we had sold, was covered and then some and every yard of play in the second half was going to cost hundreds of pounds. At this stage my friend was looking suicidal, which I somehow found amusing, think I was hysterical ! Anyway, there was nothing I could do about the situation, so decided to go to bed, which my partner in crime could not comprehend, thinking it was our duty to sit there and watch the carnage............... no thank you.

Actually got up in the morning to see the scoreline was "only" 42-10, before you think that I dodged a bullet, I didn't really, just did not lose quite as much as it looked at the break. In that game the Redskins set the following records.... most offensive yards, most rushing yards, most touchdowns scored, most yards in a quarter (356 !!!!), most touchdowns in a quarter (five .....come on !) .......... Denver also contributed for the most combined offensive yards .... 929! Read those numbers and weep ! Is it cold in here ?

I actually laugh about this day now, much as I do about the time when I was "outed" as a Brentford fan in the main home stand at Millwall, but neither were that amusing at the time !

Back later.

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