Monday, March 28, 2011


I know that this is a sports betting blog essentially, but it is my blog and having posted my views on the events of saturday, I want to update the situation. My daughter was released after 22 hours in custody and bailed to appear in court on May 11. She spent the night in a police cell and had personal items of clothing including her shoes, confiscated as "evidence". Along with a hundred or so others she was peacefully protesting in Fortnum and Mason, openly talking to and even joking with staff and police alike. A senior female police officer thanked them for their behaviour but asked them to leave the store and promised that if they did so, they would not be detained or questioned. This they did and were all arrested ! Here is a story from today's Independent, written by a reporter who was in the store LINK . Please take two minutes to read it, as it gives a truthful report on events . I have also heard that there is video evidence of the senior officer making this "promise" and know that what happened outside was covered extensively on the BBC. Good Luck.

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