Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UPDATE .......

I might put up the odd snippet of news over the next week or so, but will not be posting any match reviews on the blog until next midweek.

However, the blog will be five years old on Friday, that's at least 3,649 posts, some 800,000 views in the last three and a half years alone and well over one million words of copy, the equivalent to some 11-13 novels. I did not want to let that pass without comment, as this must be the most long standing sports betting blog on the internet, with most having a shelf life of just a few weeks and I am proud of that fact.

Several readers have been with me since day one and have shown as much dogged tenacity as I have, so thank you for that.

As a reward ( or punishment), if any of you want to receive free copies of all my notes this weekend, just send an email to me at stencelwade@btinternet before 10.00 UK time on Friday, it will not be possible to include anyone after this time. You will receive emails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, probably 5-6 in total and get a brief schedule of when to expect these when the first is delivered.

Otherwise, please check back next week and good luck in the meantime.

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