Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Peterborough won comfortably enough last night and hopefully some of you got on . I will not be posting anything on the blog today, I have just one double stake selection at odds of circa 4.0 but it involves a team I want to follow in the coming weeks, so it would be foolhardy to post details here. However, pretty sure that there will be another preview later in the week, so please check back.

I can take this opportunity to explain a couple of things which I am asked on a regular basis , the Feedburner email delivery service on the left hand side of this page, is a third party service delivered once per day at around 13.00 UK time. It doesn't come from me, Feedburner simply pick up anything that has been posted and pass it on, if I post something after 13.00 you will not receive it until the following day, usually after the matches have been played.

The blog content is only a fraction of my output, just a "taster" if you like, so will always be more subject to variance. Should you wish to write to me about anything you can do so on and I will do my best to answer, but I can never discuss matches I have not already previewed.

Good Luck.

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