Friday, March 25, 2011



A midweek win for Macclesfield has all but ensured their safey for another season and I doubt they will be able to match the intensity or motivation of their opponent this afternoon. Hosts have already lost 8 home starts this season and conceded 28 goals, the most of any team outside the drop zone. Boro are looking for a ninth road victory and for a 5th straight win in a row, that sequence of results has taken them into the playoff zone and they are not about to let up now. They are not an easy team on the eye, or to like, but are physically imposing, well drilled, fit, organised and believe 100% in coach Graham Westley, for whom they would run head first through a brick wall if he asked !

They play at a very high tempo that others struggle with and once taking the lead, will resort to any tactics to delay the game and stop their opponent from building momentum. Latest of these is the "drinks break"when one of their players is "injured" usually using up some four minutes of play, their fans even sing a song about it ! Very frustrating to watch, but extremely effective, it is shame, because they look quite good when they do decide to play. Westley added to his squad yesterday with a very promising young non league keeper and the coach is very confident about his players, stating that his team "are getting stronger with every game". Field have injury problems and their squad is down to the bare bones, meeting a team like Boro under the circumstances is the last thing they need and it could be a long afternoon for the Silkmen.

Stevenage -0.25 1.96 Sbobet .

Good Luck.

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